Amanda Wachob

Amanda Wachob

large abstract artwork hung on a wall
Tattooed lemon
Gallery full of large works on canvas
large blue abstract artwork hung on a white wall
large blue and yellow artwork hung on a wall
tattooed lemon
forearm with triangular tattoo
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Amanda Wachob portrait by Alec Kugler

Amanda Wachob is a Brooklyn-based artist who is internationally know for her innovative and conceptual work with the tattoo medium. Her canvases include fruit, leather, linen, and skin. She has done projects with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New Museum, the Museum of Arts and Design, and The Whitney Museum of American Art. She currently has a solo exhibition on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver and recently completed an associated residency at the Clyfford Still Museum, Denver. Publications of her work included the books Forever Blue and Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo and she has been a contributor on NPR and the BBC. Pioneering the watercolor tattoo movement and actively bridging the gap between tattooing and fine art, in 2015 Wachob was named one of “The 50 Most Creative People in the World” by AdAge and Conde Nast.


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