Rebecca Allan

Rebecca Allan

Rebecca Allan painting
Rebecca Allan painting
Rebecca Allan painting
Rebecca Allan steel plant painting
Rebecca Allan painting
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Rebecca Allan is known for her gestural and chromatically nuanced abstract paintings. Her work explores the landscapes and watershed environments of the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, New Mexico, Kentucky, the Gulf Coast, Lebanon, France, and Norway and is inspired by her interest in landscape ecology, botany, and geology.

Rebecca Allan artist photo by Adi Talwar
Rebecca Allan photo by Adi Talwar

Exhibiting in the United States and abroad for more than 25 years, Allan has been represented in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She is a collaborating artist of The Crossroads Project, a performance piece that addresses climate change from the perspectives of music, environmental science, and art. Allan is also a contributing writer for publications including Fine Art Connoisseur, and the online journal In addition, she has had a professional career as an arts administrator, museum educator, public programs curator, and teaching artist.  

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Artist Statement

My paintings are rooted in the dramatic cycles of nature as well as a deep curiosity about science, and the forces underlying what we observe on the surface of things. My working process involves drawing, mixing pigments. and layering color over time in response to observed and felt experience. I see the language of color as a sanctuary within which the questions and problems of art making—indeed, of life—are confronted. I work within a transcendental American landscape tradition that includes Charles Burchfield, Joan Mitchell, and Neil Welliver, but also I draw from Renaissance masters such as Giovanni di Paola and Pieter Breughel in my desire to invent a new, cosmological landscape.

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