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gallery interior with chair and framed artworks
31 May - 28 June 2019

Philip Kuznicki: Parade

Parade includes collage and assemblage work by Philip Kuznicki created in the past couple of years after a long pause in the artist’s creative practice. This is the first ever solo presentation of Kuznicki’s work.


11 April - 10 May 2019

Here We Are: Katherine McMahon, Gordon Shadrach, Adam Weekley

Here We Are, a show of painted portraits by Katherine McMahon (New York, NY), Gordon Shadrach (Toronto, Ontario), and Adam Weekley (Buffalo, NY).


artwork hung on white gallery wall
21 February - 5 April 2019

Millie Chen: Matter

Millie Chen: Matter focuses on a body of work created in the past year, following the death of Chen’s mother. Included are works on paper and clayboard with abstract and figurative imagery created entirely of partially used cosmetics found in Chen’s mother’s home during the process of organizing and clearing her belongings. Chen has created...


Current + Past Exhibitions

Acrylic painting, white space above geometric abstraction of black forms with a little bit of blue

Semi-Fictions: Recent Painting by Julian Montague

The paintings included in Semi-Fictions are pure geometric abstractions— bold, simple, compositions that no longer reference anything in reality. Montague has taken a cue from the hard-edged painters of the 1960s, while his palette often recalls two of the pioneers of geometric abstraction, Piet Mondrian and Kasimir Malevich. At the same time, Montague’s forms feel...


Sheila Barcik work on paper watercolor painting earthen upside down chimney structures
7 December 2018 - 4 January 2019

Gary Sczerbaniewicz / Sheila Barcik

This show brings together Gary Sczerbaniewicz’s intricate wall hung sculpture with Sheila Barcik’s mixed media works on paper. At the core of both Sczerbaniewicz’s and Barcik’s distinct practices is overt commentary on the human condition. Both of these bodies of work create a sense of simultaneous disquiet and intrigue, despondency and hope— the result of...


Roberley Bell Contemporary Sculpture with white branch and bubble gum pink organic form
25 October - 23 November 2018

then again: Sculpture and Drawing by Roberley Bell

then again brings together in the physical gallery space Bell’s sculptural practice and her drawing practice. Bell’s drawings have never been included in an installation alongside her sculptural work, yet she has a deep-seated practice of working out her complex ideas around color and form on paper.