Pam Glick: Thank You For Having Me

4 March - 16 April 2016

BT&C Gallery announces Thank You For Having Me, a solo exhibition of new work by Pam Glick. The exhibition opens Friday, March 4th with a public reception 6-9 pm and will run through April 16th. On Tuesday, April 12th at 6:30 pm, the artist will be speaking about her work.

Thank You For Having Me focuses on Glick’s latest body of work and includes paintings (oil on canvas and tarp) as well as works on paper, equally as fundamental to the artist’s creative practice. Glick’s chosen materials are varied, from the more traditional charcoal, oil paint, and canvas to spray paint, enamel house paint, paint sample cards, and tarp (both cotton and shiny plastic). Drawn to commonplace, hardware store materials, Glick often achieves her visceral brushwork with simple house paint brushes she buys by the bag full. Accompanying Glick’s large-scale paintings, numerous works on paper, both drawings and paintings, will be included in a dense installation giving insight into Glick’s process.

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Much of Glick’s imagery involves text, though it has often been stretched and manipulated beyond legibility, Glick’s titles clue us in to her original intent. Glick finds inspiration in language from myriad sources including prophetic phrases from Marilyn Monroe’s diary, rap songs, epic film, poetry, Deepak Chopra and conversations with various people in her life. Popular language also plays a large role—whether encountered in advertisements on the subway, the sidebar on Facebook, or on informational signs in public places, Glick isolates unavoidable language, dominant in the contemporary visual urban landscape. In her work, Glick has skillfully turned the mundane into the unfamiliar, opening up new avenues of reflection upon ubiquitous words and phrases. On canvas, tarp or paper, out of context, Glick has revealed a sort of power—an energy—in these words. By empowering the text, she is also empowering herself as there is a mantra-like quality to much of the chosen text.

The show is titled after one of the large (6 ft square) paintings included. “Thank You For Having Me” is one familiar phrase that Glick has isolated and visually manipulated in this body of work. Paired with an image of a fecund figural form, the phrase takes on layers of meaning embracing a focus on the maternal.

No matter the chosen subject, Glick’s canvases and tarps always maintain a geometric structure whether it be as a surface or base layer. This geometry serves to confine and balance an organic, primal energy that at times threatens to spin out of control. Similar to her abstract interpretations of Niagara Falls, a subject that Glick has experimented with for decades, the geometric structure is present even in Glick’s most painterly canvases. Glick explains:
Niagara Falls is a subject I’ve been painting off and on since the 80s— it symbolizes home. The pull of the water going over the ledge is a metaphor for both change and inevitability. The geometry of its 45-degree angle and contrasting elements have endless possibilities for me including ideas of stillness, motion, color, repetition, and mystery.
The Falls are a paradox, just like Glick’s paintings— at once angular and curved, fluid and still, gorgeous and dangerous.

Artists in This Exhibition: